Picha 4 za ajali ya gari aliyopata P.Diddy jana

P Diddy has been left shaken after a 'dramatic' accident in Los Angeles that wrote off his chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade.

The rapper - real name Sean Combs - was being driven out of the Beverly Hills hotel at 1pm yesterday when his car collided with a Lexus RX.

With the windscreen smashed, front end caved in, air bags activated and parts left across the road, P Diddy managed to climb out of the car and head to the sidewalk (that's American for pavement).

There, he laid out on the ground - visibly shaken - until police officers arrived shortly afterwards.
According to X17, which has pictures of the accident , the 42 year old was heard saying that he was in pain, but refused to be taken away in an ambulance as he would "seek his own medical attention" (he probably has about three of four paramedics in his entourage anyway).

The other driver was apparently taken to the hospital for unspecified injuries.

It's thought that P Diddy's record label boss Andre Hurrell was also in the car, with the pair heading back into the Beverly Hills hotel to get their injuries treated.

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Comment by Mama Malaika on October 27, 2012 at 19:28

huyu jamaa isije ikawa stunt.... azuga apate kuuza album yake, hawa celebrities siku hizi wana mbinu za ajabu sana wana walipa watu ili mradi tu wauze nyimbo au filamu zao na hapo hapo wana wakamua insurance companies

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